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About Us
Zhejiang Ruikang Flange Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production of forging flanges, stainless steel flange, forging flanges, forging flanges, forging flanges, ring a flange, Germany standard (DIN) flange. Non-standard flange, large-size, and various not to fix the outline of forgings. Flange type welding, and there are flat with neck, butt. Closure flanges flanges standard and non-standard flange. Flange material has 316 L, 316, 304 L, 304, 321,, and the 310 S, and so on.
The products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, electric power, aerospace, military industry, fire protection, metallurgy, shipbuilding, gas, nuclear power and urban construction, plumbing and environment protection industry construction and maintenance needs. Zhejiang rui kang hardware product limited company has all kinds of machining equipment and forging press equipment. We continue to provide product production technology at the same time, in the production process of product constantly strengthen and improve product quality assurance system, to the production process of each link strict control, to each factory's products to strict quality testing, such as to ensure that the quality of the products to customers without return sales records.
Zhejiang Ruikang Flange Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Is a scientific production technology, strict quality management, advanced service concept, and qualified sales price, in domestic and foreign users won a good reputation, wenzhou rui kang metal products Co., LTD is active with the domestic many large-scale enterprises to establish a long-term business relationship. Beginning from the project to series of standardized production, we from the two aspects of technology and economy to the customer provides the optimized solution, this also is the customer priority choice wenzhou rui kang metal products Co., LTD. The cause of the products.
Zhejiang Ruikang Flange Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Will a belief that through to the end, and that is "high quality products, reasonable price and good service, can win the trust from customers". We will with advanced management and innovative concept as the company's core power to provide users with high-quality, practical, reliable flange products.

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